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Pachyderm Coalition Home    December 23, 2014
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0 ZTEsoft focused only authentic nike nfl jerseys china on systems integrators

July 22, ZTEsoft Technology authentic nike nfl jerseys for sale Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as intelligent transportation agitation corporate and capital

In recent years, smart city in the world by the blitz. At home, transportation, health care, education, etc., as a breakthrough in the construction of smart city residents are most concerned about the city, but also increasingly become a hot industry. Among them, the situation urban intelligent transportation industry are: the continuous authentic nike nfl jerseys wholesale introduction of favorable policies; market size and market growth record highs; attracting various aspects of the industry chain enterprises as well as the capital's eyes Baozhong Jun said ZTEsoft in the wisdom of the decision to enter before the transport sector has social value and commercial value of this market made the assessment. From the aspect of social value in terms of the basic necessities required for survival of the individual lines. However, in the face of such a huge opportunity, security companies, products, suppliers, systems integrators, foreign companies, enterprises and other new entrants have increased investment and business expansion in the field of intelligent transportation Baozhong Jun said that China has great wisdom transportation industry potential for development, the industry is facing a huge upgrade opportunity. ZTEsoft leading intelligent transportation industry alliance established aims to integrate industry resources, open up the industry chain, accelerate the construction of ZTEsoft targeting the market gap

ZTEsoft Founded in 2003, the Department of ZTE owned subsidiary, in the past has focused on providing quality products and personalized service solutions for global telecommunications operators and government and enterprise customers. In 2013 the company's revenue reached $ 570 million, accounting for 70 percent of overseas markets. In the traditional business developed very authentic nike nfl jerseys cheap good at the same time, why should the transition ZTEsoft intelligent transportation?

Baozhong Jun explained that the monitoring device, the end of the control, data acquisition links on some vendors, such as, UOB shares, Hikvision, easy Hualu, Silver River shares, etc., in the past few years has done very well. However, the current transport sector in the overall large-scale integrated system control is still a blank. This is precisely ZTEsoft play technology and product advantages lie at the same time can maximize the benefits of the original manufacturers building play. Speaking ZTEsoft transformation, Junin admits big ship to turn around is not easy. Features government and enterprise markets are opportunities, but the initial earn less money. Operators era, a huge business volume, and what businesses do it yourself. But under the new situation, the old ideas clearly outdated. Now the most viable new thinking should be the integration of industrial chain, each doing their own areas of expertise. If what businesses do their own words, the capacity is not enough, not enough resources, not enough time, the market will not wait for more people ZTEsoft through interviews, access to relevant information, the reporter into the roadmap ZTEsoft intelligent transportation industry gradually clear up. From the careful exploration period, to verify the strength of confidence, to lead the industry in the development of the proposed take-off stage, showing in 2011, ZTE was formally established between government and enterprises Products Division, intelligent transportation is an important component. According to the layout of the parent company's business, ZTEsoft also entered in the wisdom of the transport sector in 2011, began cautiously in this new field of exploration, product accumulation and market work in May 2012, ZTEsoft intelligent transportation strategy with the signing of the Ningbo Municipal People's Government framework agreement, smarter transportation of large projects breakthrough. After the launch of ZTEsoft traffic control, transportation management, electronic toll collection, traffic information services and other intelligence overall solution, one after another in a number of cities at home and abroad, Huzhou, Shaoyang, Harbin, Suihua, Yinchuan, Sri Lanka achieve floor addition, the combination IRE superior products, big data mining analysis and processing technology, the four products on the basis of the above system, ZTEsoft made further enhance data algorithms, to create a distinctive wisdom transport large data solutions that allow ZTEsoft saw itself In the intelligent transportation industry a huge advantage and strength, wisdom traffic quickly promoted to one of the main focus of the business direction of the company, according to Zhu Ning introduced ZTEsoft intelligent transportation line of business to be profitable this year, but also entirely possible to achieve profitability. This dish, how much? A set of data from the company indirectly gives, you can generally available. ZTE's government and enterprise business revenue last year was 80 billion, hopes to reach 10 billion yuan this year. The intelligent transportation accounted for in the government and enterprise business revenue is about 20% to 25%, so the total should be more than 2 billion yuan. With the future development of the market, may reach 7 to 8 billion yuan of ZTEsoft future development of intelligent transportation business objectives, Baozhong Jun asked three hopes: First of all, I hope to provide intelligent transportation company big data platform available on the target market applications, and can fully show its commercial value, thereby helping to create the field of intelligent transportation ZTEsoft platform. Secondly, I hope ZTEsoft wisdom transport sector can become a well-known brand. Thirdly, I hope ZTEsoft able to pull the healthy development of the whole industry chain of intelligent transportation, intelligent transportation 3.0 times that can lead the industry. authentic nike nfl jerseys wholesale online